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Risks & Business Terms

Important Disclosure

As a result of leveraged asset and derivative trading transactions, you can make profit as well as risk loss. For this reason, before deciding to trade, you need to understand the risks you may encounter and make a decision by considering your limitations.


(General Explanations for Customers Regarding Trading Leveraged Assets and Derivatives)

In addition to the issues stated in the "Framework Agreement" to be signed with the intermediary institution you will trade with regarding the trading transactions of leveraged assets and derivatives, it is very important that you understand the following issues.

The account you will open with the authorized institution and all transactions to be performed through this account will be recorded on the Meta Trader platform.

Leveraged asset and derivative trading transactions are risky. Due to the leverage effect, it should always be kept in mind that trading with low collateral may work for the market or against you, and in this sense, the leverage effect may result in high gains or high losses. As a result of the adverse price movements, you may lose all the money you invested in the brokerage firm. Therefore, allocate only the part of your savings that you can afford to lose for these transactions. Do not rely on promises of high returns.

Derivative transactions such as leveraged asset trading transactions, futures contracts, stock options, CFDs, off-exchange currency options and forward transactions carry a high degree of risk. Compared to the contract value of the related derivative transaction, the initial margin may be small; thus transactions are "leveraged". Therefore, a relatively small market movement will have a proportionately greater impact on the funds you have deposited or that you will have to deposit. This situation can work in favor of you or against you. Due to the price movements that occur, you may completely lose the initial margin amounts and the collaterals you have in your account or more to maintain your position.

Authorized institutions may make improvements in the personal rights of their employees based on the transaction collateral amounts they have deposited into the accounts of the customers they are responsible for, the increase in these collateral amounts and similar criteria. Therefore, there may be a conflict of interest between the Investment Firm employee and the customer. The client should always consider this conflict of interest in his communication with the Investment Firm employees.

In leveraged asset and derivative trading transactions, the Investment Firm is the counterparty of the transaction. With these transactions, the Investment Firm is in the position of a seller against the buyer, and a buyer against the seller, and situations in which the customer suffers a loss due to the nature of the service provided will result in the Investment Firm making a profit.

In trading leveraged assets and derivatives, you must keep an initial margin to be the collateral for each position you have opened or will want to open. Initial and maintenance coverage will be applied within the rates specified in the framework agreement with the Financial Intermediary, and if you fall under the maintenance guarantee, the Stock Broker is authorized to close the positions in the account.

It should be taken into consideration by you that the information to be conveyed to you by the brokerage house and the recommendations it will make may be incomplete and in need of verification.

It should be taken into account that the technical and fundamental analysis to be made by the brokerage house personnel regarding the trading of leveraged assets and derivatives may differ from person to person, and the predictions made in these analyzes may not be realized.

The order you have placed for leveraged asset and derivative transactions can be canceled or the price at which the order will be executed may be canceled if the position taken by the Intermediary Institution for the purpose of protection with another institution is canceled or the price changes.

It should be known that in transactions made in terms of non-TL, there is exchange risk in addition to the risks mentioned above, there may be a depreciation in Turkish Lira due to exchange rate fluctuations, that states may restrict foreign capital and trading movements, may impose additional and / or new taxes, and that trading transactions may not take place on time.

The parity prices and "spreads" offered to you in trading leveraged assets and derivatives may not reflect the best price situation. It would be appropriate to check the prices of other institutions.

You should take into account that the brokerage house cannot guarantee that you will not suffer losses as a result of leveraged asset and derivative trading transactions, that your loss will be kept under control or that additional collateral will be called in case of loss.

Before starting transactions, you will be liable from your authorized institution

Risks & Business Terms
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